Saturday, 11 December 2010

When The End Comes

The news had just come over

The World was going to end

So he rushed to his lover

Last kisses he would send

They had one day left together

Before it ending in a ball of flame

Crying and wishing time was forever

Loving each other so much the same

He held her tight, together they did cry

Knowing together,at the end, they would be

Together, when the end came, they would die

And that together, Heaven, they would see

He wished he had more time to love her

More time that he could still adore her

A little more time to be her lover

More time he could still ensure her

Not long before the end of the World will come

He weeps as he looks deep into her beautiful eyes

As long as she is here, Death will be welcome

Both now asleep, never to see another sun rise


copyright Chris Smith 2008

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