Monday, 6 December 2010

The Mourning House

In the wind a door slams

The sound splits the silent night

In a now long deserted house

Once full of many promised dreams

And now all those dreams are gone

Forgotten about in the gathering dust

Long ago there was a man and a woman

They owned this very house that is now lost

They were so very much in love

And felt their love would last forever

For each other they only had eyes

It was a perfect union of the heart

A war came and he had to join the fight

His country came calling for him

With endless tears she let him go

He promised soon he would return

She did not know that when he came back

He would be returned in his coffin to lie

This house she would never come to leave

She felt that his spirit was there

So all alone, in this house, she too died

And was buried next to her sweetheart

So reunited in the ground they are together

And a mourning house is empty still


copyright Chris Smith 2006

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