Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There Is A Time

There is a time everything must end
For nothing can last an Eternal life
Impossibilities to ind a life that lasts
But, I, myself would not like to live forever
To see new life come and then go
To see civilization crumble and fall

Do you think that being God is lonely?
To take all life for the Creation
Then to watch it all fade away
And witnessing that life take your name in vain
Curse you and to blame you for the trouble
Even if you were not the start of it

Maybe the Devil has had enough
All the sins and evil put upon his head
Blaming him for all the death and destruction
Even when he did not do anything
Taking his name for all that is bad
Sometimes he must just want to give up

So now where does that leave all Mankind
One day we will face the time of extinction
When there is nothing left for us to destroy
When only a few of us will still remain
Do you think we would try to live?
When we have watched everything die

There is a time only one man will be left
And will he reflect back where he went wrong?
Will this man then try to rebuild?
Begin from the ashes like a Phoenix
To try and give life to this world
This is something we shall never know

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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