Saturday, 11 December 2010

Warrior's Code

He has walked this barren land

For many years he has been here

Protecting those with his warriors hand

Protecting those that live in fear

Dragons and wizards, this warrior they made

Monsters and demons he has fought

Cannibals and hell spawn, put to the sword, slayed

For this is adventure he sought

Always alone, for it is better that way

Fighting with a heart that is bold

Unable to love, unable to stay

For he must follow the warrior's code

He has slain, killed so many

Each one he as wept tears for

No one can match him, not any

No one can even the score

Hear him as he goes into battle

Maybe this will be the day he dies

Slaying his enemies, hear their death rattle
Sending them off to heavenly skies

copyright Chris Smith 2007

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