Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Faded Light

When she was little she wanted to act

To see herself on the big screen

She wanted the world to love her

So she followed her dreams and they came true

She starred and the world embraced her

Then the work began to dry up for her

They said she was not young anymore

She felt her starlight glow begin to flicker

Young lovers deserted from her side

She was made to feel isolated and all alone

No money coming in, she was soon forgotten

Lost the big home she could not afford anymore

No one sees the actress that the years have forgot

She only sees the world in black and white

Even the home she lives in, do not want to keep her

Now she is starring in her final role

The movie plays out in her drunken mind

She sees her acting out being a bag lady

Roaming the streets in old age, scavenging for food

She will never know the truth in her own reality

So the Winter cold comes stalking down the alleys

Somewhere a lone figure lays unmoving in newspapers

No one comes near because no one really cares

They take away the body of a frozen bag lady to the morgue

A long forgotten actress that once shone so bright

copyright Chris Smith 2009

1 comment:

  1. heartbreaking but so true of so many that people choose not to see.