Saturday, 11 December 2010


For one day the World cried
It watched helplessly as they died
A crashing plane, shattering impact
The screaming starts from that act

A burning building of no escape
All the World is watching, agape
People jumping, they have no hope
Little girl with tears, she can not cope

Even as she sees it on a TV screen
The building collapses, a horror now seen
Little girl, crying because it is real
If only this terror she did not feel

Suddenly, another plane hits the other tower
The fear of that little girl sends her to cower
She is only seven, you hold and cry with her
You are not alone because the World cries together

Fire fighters and police, they are heroes all
Some are trapped in the ruins, heroes fall
Years have passed by, tears still collect
That terror still remains, because we never forget


copyright Chris Smith 2010
In Memory of September 11th.

My youngest daugter was 7 years old at the time, she burst into tears as she watched people jumped to their deaths of the TV. She is now 16 and has joined the Territorial Army in the UK.

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