Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tired Eyes

I can tell by your face
The world gets you down
You feel so out of place
In your tears you drown

You feel no one listens
Nobody hears your song
Alone your tears glisten
You fear you don't belong

Come on and rest with me
Close your tired eyes

Thoughts go on in your head
You wish you could go back then
Does anyone hear what you said
You repeat the words again and again

You don't let them see you crying
You always have to hide away
You just want to give up trying
Wondering if you should stay

Come on and rest with me
Close your tired eyes

I can hear the words of your soul
I will open up my ears
I will watch you find your goal
I will help you through your fears

Someone has to help you to be strong
Someone will open up your tired eyes to see
Someone is there so you can belong
And that someone is going to be me

Come and rest with me
Now open your tired eyes

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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