Thursday, 9 December 2010

Twenty Two

Jake met her in a bar, she had long dark hair and green eyes, full red lips and a pretty face. She wore a tight black blouse and the shortest skirt he had ever seen.

Jake was Thirty four and knew he had to try to seduce her, he knew she must be old enough to be his daughter but he didn't care. It wouldn't be the first time he picked someone up for a bit of fun.

He knew women couldn't resist him, blonde hair, brown eyes and good looks, a smile that could melt any heart.

"Hey, can I get you a drink...I'm Jake" he smiled.

"I'm Mercy, this is my twenty second today...I like to celebrate" she said and smiled back.

They shared thre drinks and Jake suggested they go back to his place to celebrate futher, but she shook her head.

"There is a deserted alley not far from here, do you want to celebrate there?" she said.

Jake didn't need to be told twice, he smiled and touched her knee and then took her hand and they left the bar together and walked along the streets until she pulled him down a long dark alley.

Out of sight, she pushed him against the wall and kissed him, their tongues danced together in the star light.

He slowly undid her blouse, she had no bra and his hands began to maul the beauty of her breasts, her nipples responded to his touch and she dropped the blouse into the corner and put down her bag.

His mouth moved down and took turns kissing and sucking each breast until she reached down and began to unzip him.

He reached under her skirt and one hand rubbed her thong until he slid in a finger and felt her shaven delight. as he slid down her thong and they swapped places as he held her against the wall.

"No, I want to ride you...please lay down" she pleaded.

He took off his jacket and lay down on the ground as she mounted him.

He felt himself enter her as she took him fast without going slow, she was like a wild animal as moved on him. Rubbing her breasts in his face as she took him deep inside her.

He couldn't hold back and felt himself explode deep into her as she squealed with delight but she remained astride him smiled.

" I have something special to give you, please close your eyes" she said with her eyes staring with more passion.

Jake closed his eyes and grinned. "Give it to me baby" he said.

He never saw her take the long sharp knife from her bag, he just felt the agony as she slit his throat and his body jerked wildly in his dying moments.

She gasped in ecstacy as he throbbed between her thighs and then he stopped, dead and blood poured from his throat.

She got up, redorned her blouse and buttoned it, replaced her thong and then cleaned her knife on the shirt of Jakes body and replaced it in her bag.

As she walked back down the alley she said "Twenty three".


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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