Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Secrets I Have To Hide

You may see me smile
I may look happy inside
But tears come after a while
The secrets I have to hide

My words can touch so many
My stories may be told
I relish being in your company
Words that can be so bold

Read them with love and delight
But this poet has known much pain
Sometimes I want to give up the fight
When the tears come from the strain

Words of a poem are like a song
Sometimes sadness sings in this soul
Sometimes my spirit only wants to belong
I feel alone and these emotions still flow

I am here awake while she is asleep
Thought of a life that passes me by
My lover dreams as my soul will weep
These come when lover's must cry

I know not what tomorrow will bring
As I look out at the sky this night
Somewhere my Angel flies on the wing
Somewhere for me a candle is alight

All I want are the passions, inside, to share
Is there someone to show me new ways
To ignite the flames of literture and keep it there
Keeping my quest for words through the nights and days

A poet, at times, has a lonely life to lead
Living in the light as well as their dark side
Writing words for everyone to come and read
The secrets I have to hide

copyright Chris Smith 2008

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