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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Bitter End

If there is no one else out there

I will always be there, just for you

And when you think no one will care

I will always be here, when you want me to

When someone has to be there to dry your tears

You know you can always come and turn to me

I will be there to help take away your fears

When you open your eyes, I am the one you will see

And when this very world is only leaving you cold

I will be there to hold you, keep you warm and secure

My arms will always open for you for me to hold

When I am with you, I will always make you so sure

So with me you will never ever again be alone

For I will be there for you right to the bitter end

You will never ever again have to be on your own

So to you my truth and friendship, I shall always send

(copyright 2008   Chris Smith)

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