Friday, 15 April 2011

Music To Me

I am listening to the music
With those memories of you
Of every song that plays
In every tune that I hear
Is heart and music to me

The Rock music now playing
Reminds me of the moves you make
It is the sweet temptation you give
Even with the flick of your hair
That is like music to me

When hearing Rhythm and Blues
It is the sound of passion
The building of our souls together
In the moments of our love
That is like music to me

Classical music belongs to us
Taking us back to another time
Beating from deep within
Romance from times gone before
That is like music to me

And the sound of your voice
Is the most beautiful of all
It is the most precious that plays
That feeling of being one together
It is the purest music to me

copyright Chris Smith 2011

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