Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hey You

Hey you,

With your bowler hat and your umbrella
Wearing your black suit and tie
You think you're special, dontcha fella
If only knew that it is all a lie

You are rushing to attend some new meeting
Having secret sex with your new secretary
With no idea, at home, your wife is cheating
Having her way with the gardener, getting merry

Silly fool, you think you're richer than the rest
You think your money will buy you everything
Even the poorest man can beat you at his best
Because he has something in his life to bring

Hey you,

Did you listen and hear me talking?
Or did you ignore me, because the truth hurts deep
Don't look back, just carry on walking
You just block it out, your mind is asleep

Go about your business, and make another pointless deal
Your own children will never learn to love you
All because you have never learnt to feel
Living through all the lies, never seeing what is true

You believe you are the upper class of the country
When all you really are is just another circus clown
You carry on, going through your life so empty
Just a mister nobody with a broken crown

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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