Friday, 19 November 2010

Ghost train

You thought it was only fun
The nightmares seemly just a dream
You thought you could laugh, but it's begun
All you can do now is only scream

The creepy old man took your money
Something wasn't right, but you didn't think
Now the horror has started, it's no longer funny
Deeper into this terror you will sink

There is no escape, on this dark ride
Trapped on here, forever to remain
Opened doors swallowed you up inside
You are going to Hell on the Ghost Train

Condemned souls that drown in blood, you pass
Prisoners burning in Brimstone flame, you see
There is no getting off, you're way out of your class
You are his captive now, you will never be set free

You can feel the fear coming from deep down inside
One last tilt, one last drop, as you turn the bend
This is it now, this is the final part of the ride
He is waiting for you, Satan is there at the end

There is no escape, on this dark ride
Trapped below now, forever to remain
Hell swallowed you up, there is no place to hide
You are trapped by the Devil on the Ghost Train


copyright Chris smith 2010

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