Friday, 19 November 2010

Grasping For Hope

I feel the pain in my veins
It is screaming to be heard
Always the agony remains
It all seems to be absurd

Why do we do what we do?
And then we try to carry on
So much we have to go through
All we want to do is to belong

Sometimes I feel I am a wreck
That I have reached a slump
I should tie a rope around my neck
And then all I could do is jump

Words are all I have left to give
I can not fit in, I am not allowed
Empty shell that still tries to live
One more victim lost in the crowd

And then I can see her face before me
Bringing me back from the brink
And this shell is no longer empty
My mind is once more open to think

Then I see the friends that make me strong
Making me believe in myself once more
I love them all, for with them I belong
They help it all worth writing for


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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