Monday, 15 November 2010

Dragon Maiden

He climbed the mountain to hunt

To track down to the Dragons' Lair

Drew his sword ready for the kill

Did not expect to find what was there

Beautiful maiden within a vast cave

She was as free as she wanted to be

"I come to rescue you my lady so fair"

"I must kill the dragon so you must flee"

She smiled at the brave knight and kissed him

She spoke and her beautiful body began to glow

"My dearest knight, you do not know what you do"

" You would be unable to see into a dragons' soul"

He could not resist her and he made love to her there

Gave into his temptation for he wanted to have her so

Sleep took him for her need would exhaust the knight

His dreams would warn him to awake and to go

He came awake and all he could do was to scream

The dragon would devour him as he meet his fate

A female dragon that could change her very form

She was now hungry and she must feed on her mate

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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