Saturday, 20 November 2010


How can you look at the world
when the wars that are fouught
Leave the dead across the land
Giving us so many forgotten heroes
Let this fighting now be over

How can the heart be broken
When we are supposed to be strong
And follow our own brave hearts
Which should protect us from pain
But the heart never understands love

How do we face the darkness when it comes
When it arrives and swallows us whole
Leaving us feeling the cold touch at last
Embracing the endless void that awaits us now
But we never want to wait for it alone

How do I cope when everything has fallen apart
I just look out and I reach for you there
I feel the glow of your harmonic friendship
And it helps me to keep on going strong
That is what we strife for when we have one another

copyright Chris Smith 24th October 2009

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