Saturday, 20 November 2010

Heroes Union

They gathered together as friends

Now men who once were boys

Schoolyard now long forgotten

Hot sands are the battle ground

Soldiers now ready to fight

Joined together in heroes union

Watched as a friend died

Did not see the mine planted

It was hidden in the road

Drove over and was unaware

There was nothing left to bury

Now remembered in heroes union

Carried a fallen comrade to safety

Ignored the pain in the legs

Took the bullets as he went on

He was not going to fall

He now lives life as an amputee

A member of the heroes union

Looking out on a million graves

Of forgotten soldiers fallen in battle

Of those pilots, sailors and marines

Who risked their lives to save ours

Can you feel my tears shed for them

All the brave souls of the heroes union


copyright Chris smith 2009

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