Thursday, 18 November 2010

Forever Alone

Together we dance in the dark
I am entranced by your heart beat
The throbbing of the blood in your veins
One kiss to your neck and the bite is tempting
To make us be as one for all of eternal unlife

But the love stops me from stealing your soul
To make you as one, the same as I am
I dwell within the darkened shadows, avoiding the light
And these feelings for you conflict the evil of myself
So I deny this need to feed from your life of sweet essence

I will never allove you to fall into the nightmare, my love
You remind me of the life that was taken from me long ago
There are those who will hunt me down and destroy what I am
I will protect you from them and my love for you is undying
I am an unholy creature of the dead made alive by your touch

My tears will always fall unseen by the radiance of your eyes
Knowing I will exist in the blood moon forever more
And you will one day fade away and be taken from me to a better place
You will succumb to the embrace of death, something I will never do
This time with you is precious for I am condemned to be forever alone


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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