Saturday, 20 November 2010


All I seem to do is hurt

Cause sorrow to those I love

I know what I should

But I make the same mistakes

I try to find the right word

The one I need to say

I would change if I could

If I only knew how

I feel you drifted away

And it is all my mistake

For my sins I will pay

For my sins I will suffer

Everytime you stay with me

I always seem to do you wrong

I cause you too much pain and misery

It happens with all that I try

I am sorry I always hurt you

I am sorry I always make you cry

I always try to keep being true

I always turn into a beast

Forgive when times go wrong

Forgive for always being a fool

Forgive me when I need to be strong

Forgive me for causing you hurt


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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