Sunday, 14 November 2010

Demon Nick

He is hiding in your hedgerows
In a secret place within the shadows
Creeping out to make his chaotic fun
So fast, that you never see him run

How many times have you got a flat tyre
Or your rubbish bin suddenly catches fire
Your light bulb, for no reason, blows
Even when you wake up with a sore nose

Those keys that are no longer there
The reason why you have messed up hair
Those prankish knocks on your door
That strange stain that is now on your floor

The reason your dog barks late in the night
Or the washing machine boils your clothes tight
That drawing pin that gets into your bed
The voices you keep hearing in your head

It is him, now playing his games
Even why your dinner goes up in flames
You never see him, he never misses a trick
He has a name, they call him Demon Nick


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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