Friday, 19 November 2010

Gun Slinger

He rode into town on a black horse

Rode into town with death in his heart

He knew he had to live out his course

Knew his life always had death as a part

He strolled over towards the saloon

Looking for the man he hunted for so long

Knew they would come face to face soon

Punish him for the things he did wrong

Now in the street they are face to face

They know why they are here for

Watching, the people slowly pace

Waiting for when one will draw

Like a flash, out comes the gun

Like a flash, the bullet will fly

The gun blazes hot like the sun

And today a man has to die

The gun slingers' job is done

Another life is gone and burned

He now puts away the killing gun

And collects the money he earned


copyright Chris Smith 2005

1 comment:

  1. Cool! Makes me think of the Stephen King hero Roland from the Dark Tower series. :)