Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Even A Vampire

These tears of blood, I'm weeping
As the darkness comes, slowly creeping
I remember my past life, as it was then
I only want to live once again

I wish I could feel the sun touch my face
I wish I could escape this cold place
That my soul is something to save
And help, rescue me from this grave

This undead soul is forever lonely and cold
I only want, I only desire, somebody to hold
I want this feeding frenzy to fade away
And all I want is to walk in the light of day

I can feel my self now, bleeding tears
Eyes carrying blood for a thousand years
Facing a dark and lonely night to roam
All I require is to be back home

Because even a vampire can cry
Even a vampire can die
Even a vampire can still pray
Even a vampire wants love to stay


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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