Sunday, 14 November 2010

Delicious Morsels

There are vampires, but they like to feed on blood and they do it because they have to to exist.

The werewolf has to feed because it is in their nature and meat becomes their prey.

Zombies are cursed and that is why they feed the way they do.

But me, I do what I do for the sheer pleasure of it and you would be shocked if you knew how many people like me were out there in this world of ours.

You see, I am what you would call a cannibal and if you even tasted human flesh, then you would understand how it is an amazing required taste.

And the fear of my victims makes that taste so much sweeter, the mingling of their sweat is just mouth watering and they taste just so much better when they have to feel pain.

Mind you, heavy smokers can be a bit annoying because you get that smell of nicotine in the air when you fry up their lungs.

There are so many of us about, have you ever wondered about those exclusive restaurants where you find it differcult to be able to book a table.

Where if you order the sausages it has so much great flavour and the gravy is just so delicious.

Next time and look around at those regulars that always seem to get a table, that look is not the expectation of the food but the wonder of what you might taste like.

I've had it all, Indian, Mexican, Chinese and nothing seems to beat a nice English roast.

But never complain to the management because the next time you might find yourself on the menu.

Sooner or later we are going to get you, we might cut you to pieces when you are still alive because as I said before the flesh tastes so much better that way.

Maybe we could boil you alive like a lobster, I've done that so many times to my victims.

I know the neighbour was having some problems with some teenagers but they have disappeared now.

So I decided to celebrate and have a barbeque and invite everyone, the food will taste like nothing you've tasted before.

Yes I'm going to invite you over to join us, we would love to have you over for dinner.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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