Saturday, 20 November 2010

Head And The Heart

To write from the heart is difficult
Expressing the emotions you feel
Telling of the love that blesses
And keeps you going strong

Of the love that tore you apart
And ripped out your very soul
Leaving you on the ground, bleeding
That is another kind of love, it hurts

Of the happiness that you feel
For the friends, you love to make smile
Making them laugh with a word or two
Sharing the merriment deep inside

Of the anger that grips, that enrages you
Sharing the fury that blows like the wind
Building up, roaring like a hurricane
Because this rage, in words, is released

That is the heart talking, in so many ways
So much to share, to express to the world
Some may hide from the reflection of your words
But you need to speak, to let that heart beat free

Now the head, it takes over, giving out reason
Sometimes it shows logic in so many ways
Afraid to see beyond those emotions shared
When imagination is shown in so many ways

The head and the heart fight with confliction
Never agreeing on what the other thinks
Yes, we are all guilty of going with the head
When we should feel what is in our heart


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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