Monday, 15 November 2010

Do You See Me?

Do you see me?
Standing all alone
A world that never cares
In whatever will be
Stripping me to the bone
Facing too many empty stares

Do you see me?
Tears running down my face
Feeling other people's pain
Wondering what could be
Left to fall into disgrace
Tears now fall like rain

Do you see me?
With eyes so blind
I am a shadow on the shelf
Never to be set free
What do you find?
When I can not find myself

Do you see me?
Looking for peace now hidden
Being accused of being strange
Would you see me?
With thoughts now forbidden
When they seem out of range

Do you see me?
Because I can see you
Hold your hands and I forgive
So just let it be
Do what you have to do
Open your heart and learn to live

copyright Chris Smith 2009


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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