Monday, 15 November 2010

Disguised Hurt

She puts on her lipstick
Then makes up her eyes
Maybe she puts it on thick
What is she trying to disguise?

You never see the hidden bruises
You will not see her blackened eye
She never speaks of all her abuses
All she will tell you is another lie

She tries her best to always say no
But then he always flies into a fit
She takes it until he decides to go
Even then, she knows he likes to hit

She would shoot him dead, if she had a gun
But then she wonders what that would gain
She has nowhere to go, nowhere she can run
She knows she has to continue to suffer the pain

But her mother is always so blind to the truth
When she comes home, he asks where she has been
He kicks and batters her, because she is under his roof
She feels so very lost, even though she is only fourteen


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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