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Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Standing here, I look out now

Over a field covered in smoke

Littered with the bodies of the brave

Witnessing the death that we plow

Gagging on the blood that will choke

The dying of soldiers now gone to the grave

I am just the ghost of a hollow man

A bullet took this life from me not long ago

As I ran across this damned battle-field

Oh how I wish it was not me who ran

I died alone, and I witnessed my own blood flow

There was no where to hide and there was no shield

Through the white mist I see a thousand more

Their bodies scattered and broken on the ground

We are the victims of madness and war games

While Generals hide away never entering the war

The victims like us, we all die without a sound

Buried and then long forgotten, in a battle-field no one blames


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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