Sunday, 31 October 2010

Around Us

Alone by the candle light she thinks of him

Alone she eats a meal cooked just for one

Once upon a time he would sit opposite her

Once upon a time he would look at her

But now he watches from eyes that no longer see

But now he cries from eyes without any tears

His spirit is reaching out trying to touch her

His spirit is all that is left to remail in this reality

She senses he is still here and looking after her

She senses that his aura is all around her now

her kiss seems to others to embrace just empty air

Her kiss is felf by the soul of the man she loves still

We never see what is hidden just out of sight

We never see because we can never believe

Love never dies and will be felt always forever

Love never fades because we sense it still remains

Around us are the souls of the ones who have passed on

Around us they always will continue to live on in our hearts


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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