Thursday, 4 November 2010


I sit here, another year older
Celebrating with Mister Solitaire
Never feeling any bolder
Wishing someone could be there

I used to love this time of year
Unwrapping cherised gifts
The future, I never had to fear
Unaware of how the future drifts

Remembering friends of the past
And drinking to my health
I wish those moments did last
When my life was my wealth

And age came creeping up on me
Tapped me on my shoulder
Left me here, feeling a hint of self pity
Left me here, feeling just a bit older

Opening greeting cards, reading their verse
All of them are wishing me "Happy Birthday"
Leaving me wondering, if age is a curse
And not wanting the years to fly away

Just once again, let me be that young boy
Who had so many wishes to make
Who saw life, as a way to enjoy
Who waited patiently for a piece of cake

When I was still near my father and mother
Smiling as they would sing out my name
Laughing with glee, with each brother
As we played just another party game

But I open my eyes, and the memory goes
Of those times where my youth mattered
Now fading away like forgoten shadows
Leaving me behind, torn and tattered

Then I realise, that I am never alone
These words are read and treasured
My friends never leave me on my own
Because by your friends you are measured

I thank you all, I have found my voice
You have all helped me to find my way
Your beautiful friendship helps me rejoice
The only gift I need on this birthday


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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