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Sunday, 31 October 2010

An Angel Came

Last night I had the strangest dream
An Angel came and took my hand
She opened her wings and we flew
Forever high until we reached Heaven
She showed me to another world
Unlike the world far down below

Children played, black and white together
All races and creed walked side by side
The lion walked with a baby lamb
A little three year old girl giggled
As she rode on the back of a white wolf
Up above I could feel the sun shine down

I saw John Lennon and Bob Marley laughing
John Wayne in talks with Buddy Holly
A mouse and cat played gently together
This whole world was a marvel to see
No ocean but fish swam in the sky
Dolphins swimming next to the sharks

The Angel turned and she spoke to me
"Please do not judge our God", she said
"Those little children tormented to die"
"When down below in the world of yours"
"Will be reborn here and be at peace"
"For God can not stop the evil below"

I understood, for all the bad that we see
Of people who suffer and the things we do
God will never tresspass in our dormain
The souls will be reborn in this perfect place
To begin anew and to always be protected
Away from all the hate and bathed in love

I awoke and wished I could still dream
And I knew I would return there once again
When the right time came for me to go back
So until then, I will walk in this place of ours
Knowing that Heaven is now waiting up above
While down here we are all living in Hell

copyright Chris Smith 2007

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