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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ashes And Dust

Like the Autumn leaves
That fall from the trees
They crumble in your hands
Like the lover who grieves
Cold tears that will freeze
Where only Death understands

He thought he could last
To go and live forever
That in this life he could trust
He thought he escaped the past
That he could do whatever
But now it is all ashes and dust

Nothing ever stays the same
Things change with passing time
There is no hope that will stay
Nothing ever wins the game
Where life will be the crime
And it just seems to filter away

He looks at an old, faded photograph
Where the future seemed full of smiles
And where nothing ever seemed to rust
He looks at his grave and has to laugh
Facing the final curtain with many styles
Knowing that in the end there is ashes and dust

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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