Monday, 1 November 2010

Back For More

He has let her down, as expected
Once again she is feeling rejected
Her feelings, once more, dragged through the mill
And she is wondering why she loves him still

For his satisfaction she will do anything
Dress up for him in the things he will bring
Every desire that he wants, she will do
Is it worth all that she has to go through

He uses her as a plaything and casts her away
Promises to come and never arrives that day
She lets him use her because she loves this man
Her body is his to use anytime and do anything he can

But this woman knows that she is not alone
For this man has too many hearts to own
He keeps breaking hearts and deceiving them
He has his way and then he is leaving them

She tries to tell him it is over once again
But she is always attracted to these type of men
All she wishes is for someone to love and adore
But he has her and she will always go back for more


copyright Chris Smith 2006

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