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Monday, 3 January 2011

Close My Eyes

Do you know how it feels
To be able to surrender
To the feeling of bliss to dream
And escape into required slumber

Alas, that luxery eludes me now
Sleep refuses to come, to welcome me
Only the shadows between these eyes
Shackle me to the damnation of pain

Trying to give in to what never comes
Just the bitterness of a thousand needles
Invisible daggers penetrating my skin
Never allowing me a moment of peace

How many times do I have to beg
For the pleasure of closing my eyes
No pill takes away that edge
It remains with the passing of time

This body seems to want to betray me
Agony searing through these veins
The days, nay, the years are difficult
Just let me close my eyes this once

copyright Chris Smith 2011


  1. Elusive surrender comes in many manifestations

  2. a beautiful soul touching piece........

  3. vivid capture of contradiction of body and soul...

    you win when you write it out like this.

    happy 2011.