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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Holding An Angel

 Like jaggered, rusty copper nails
Hammered, with malice, into my skin
My heart is bleeding with raw pain
Tearing me apart, agony resides

To love and face your selfish abandonment
Of the woman you tried to share your soul
But the morbid fear of the past came creeping
And you pushed away without knowing the game

Never seeming to realise that to you, she is beauty
That in the eyes of others, her beauty also shines
You tried so hard to keep her, but you used a cage
Only to feel her slip away because she needs to be free

This man has loved and lost, for this must be the last time
When you have perfection and allow it to slowly slip past
Like the ice cold water that runs through your fingers
If you hold on to an Angel too long, it will fly away

copyright Chris smith 2011

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