Saturday, 5 March 2011

Careless Me

Have you seen it anyway?
Maybe underneath a tree
Or buried deeply underground
Maybe hidden above in the sky
Because I have looked everywhere

It was very careless of me
To misplace it when it should be safe
If only I had locked it away
I would still have it here, close by
Now I know that it could be anywhere

I think I may have given it away
To someone I trusted to look after it
Now that person is gone, and disgarded it
Thrown it to one side like a piece of rubbish
So I will search to find it somewhere

Heed my advice, and always look after yours
Protect it, keep it with you at all times
It needs you to be strong, stronger than I was
For if you lose it, I fear it may be broken
My heart is missing and I can  find it nowhere

copyright Chris Smith 2011

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