Saturday, 27 November 2010

Midnight Hearts

He comes to her, this night
An invitation to find her
To explore what they will discover
Inside both of their midnight hearts

She awaits for him in satin sheets
Naked for his touch as he approaches
Wanting to feel his gentle kisses
The sensual lips travelling on her skin

Her joins her, his flesh against hers
Tasting the sweetness of her neck
Knowing a love not felt in many years
For this woman, he would die again for

His desire is moving in time with hers
The increasing moments of their lust
Exploding together, feeling as one
Joining in union of that sensation of need

Before the dawn will rise he will be gone
For a vampire always will fear sunlight
She will wait for him until night falls again
Then they will love once more, these midnight hearts

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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