Saturday, 27 November 2010

Natures' Way

Outside I can hear

The rage of the howling wind

Roaring like an angry Banshee

Screaming deep into the night

Roaring like an uncontrolled beast

Natures' way towards man kind

The rain comes down hard

Striking like stones on the window

Like icy daggers for my soul

But I am safe inside of here

If the rain should strike me

It would be like cold needles in my skin

This storm seems never to be over

It seems to be right on top of here

Like a demon always watching

Ready to come lashing down

To show me this Earths' torment

Of the torture we have done

Can you hear what is natures' way

Of striking back towards us

To try and tell us to finally stop

Before we destroy it all

And there is nothing left

And everything is long gone


copyright Chris Smith 2006

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