Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It Is Magic

It is the way you make me feel
And the way that you make it real
Showing me all of the delight
Walking with me, into the light
It is magic, it is magic

Giving in to the love we share
Always being with me, here and there
One kiss and I am weak at the knees
Caught in a special moment to freeze
It is magic, it is magic

Spellbound whenever I look into your eyes
Being in love with you is no surprise
In love with you with a heart so clever
For to be with you is now and forever
It is magic, it is magic

I can not believe I am here with you
Your beauty belongs to me, so true
That you are here every moment, every day
And that your love will never fade away
It is magic, it is magic


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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