Monday, 22 November 2010

I Never Will

Father used to use his belt
To thrash us too hard
The buckle marks
Leaving us begging
Please stop, no more
If a child does wrong
They should not endure
This pain that is given
Because if that father was me
No way would I take a belt
No way would I lash them
For no, I never will

If a dog upsets some
They react by kicking
By hurting the poor thing
And there are times
When they use things
Like a baseball bat
To hurt that poor creature
I never understand why
They have to do this
To make this suffering
I would never do this
For no, I never will

There are those as well
Who seek out the weak
Belittle them for nothing
For there is no reason
And they keep knocking
Putting them further down
They spit in their face
They will pull their hair
They sometimes will use them
Then they just cast them aside
I will never treat anyone bad
For no, I never will

When they turn their back
And you have nowhere to turn
When they push you away
And refuse to give you help
And they walk on by you
Leaving you alone in the gutter
Your tears are never dried
Because no one can see you
When you feel you are alone
With sadness deep in your heart
Seek me out, I will not turn you away
For no, I never will


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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