Tuesday, 23 November 2010

In The Night

In the day,
I feel safe with the light
Able to be be blessed by sight
To see the beauty growing around
And hear the glorious bird sound

In the night,
Is where I am forced to succumb
When those nightmares will come
No matter the pains of the past
In the darkness they seem to last

In the day,
The Sun shines down the heat
Smiles from all those I greet
Loving kisses are blown to me
Making this soul pleased to be free

In the night,
Those terrors will come for me once more
Leave me crying there on the floor
The shadows creeping forward with an icy touch
I am left there begging for far too much

In the day,
I fear what comes in the night
Praying for there to be some light
That those nightmares will fade away
Here I wishing for always the day


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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