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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Moon Light

I was taking a short cut home through the woods, it was raining and the rain cut through me like cold daggers. It was cold and dark and usually I would never have been this brave during the witching hour but this was the quickest way home.

There was an old legend that wolves roamed here but they had been extinct for hundreds of years, people would say they could hear the howls during the cycle of the moon, it was a full moon tonight but I heard nothing. I only could hear the damned rain in the trees.

"Hello" came a woman's voice and I jumped around, it startled me and I had not expected it. She had long black hair, that went down her back to the base of her spine, her eyes were green and they seemed to shine as the moon touched them. She was naked and the rain poured down her body and I was entranced by her beauty.

She smiled and she beckoned me to her, I could not resist and could feel myself being aroused by watching her, I approached her and she leaned back against a tree, the rain sliding down the well formed breasts.

She kissed me and I felt her hands undo my trousers and they fell to the ground, she pulled off my shirt and the cold rain didn't seem to matter as it splashed on my skin. My shorts were pulled down and I had to touch her breasts and I felt them respond to my hands.

I entered her and she bit my shoulder hard, drawing blood but I just ignored it and our love making against the tree began one of fury and lust. I felt myself give in to her that my heat thrust hard inside her and then she pushed me back. She smiled at me and walked away into the woods. I dressed and swore I could hear a howl.

Now time has passed and once again I am here in the woods and the heat burns me, I have to be naked and I feel the new moon touch my skin and then the pain begins and I change. My legs buckle and change shape, my face is in agony as I grow a snout and fangs grow within my mouth. Black fur engulfs my body and all that is left of my human self is my mind, when she bit me she made me the same as her.

I give in and I howl at the moon above and my she wolf responds and I see her, she chose me as her mate and I can not resist. We keep from the eyes of man and hunt rabbits and small animals, if you look cafefully into the moon light of these woods you will see two wolves running free.

copyright Chris smith 2009

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