Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Have Tried My Best

I danced with the Devil
And laughed with clowns
Won in a game of chess
And lost my heart in love

I donated to a needed charity
And cried at the sad movies
Listened to all types of music
Prayed when I needed my God

I kissed a girl and ran away
Picked myself up when I fought
Always respected my father
And shown love to my mother

I have beaten the temptation of drink
Crawled back from the fires of Hell
Tried to save my soul from falling
Picked up the pieces when they were broken

I have never wanted to give up writing
Always found the words I needed to say
Been there when a friend was needed most
Toiled in my work and looked for hope

But most of all, when I look out at the World
When there is something I want everyone to know
I may not have accomplished more than most
But I have tried my best, I have tried my best

copyright Chris Smith December 30th 2009

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