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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


On the outside I appear with a smile
I will share a joke or two
Never show anger on this face
Carry on with the normal routine

Inside I hide the tears I cry
Never letting out the pain
Keeping all the agony locked away
Afraid to be forgotten once again

On the outside I always carry on
Give friends a shoulder that they need
Try to help others the best that I can
Always ready to give out a helping hand

Inside I keep building this damned wall
If I let you in, I am afraid what you will see
I keep hiding away and carry the weight
I can help you but no one can help me

On the outside I can cover up the scars
Inside they will always still be there
On the outside there is a brave look on my face
Inside it is only another of the masks I wear


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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