Monday, 22 November 2010

In A Perfect Sky

His time is now and so he died

His soul departed as relatives cried

He floated up to the Heavenly Gates

His time had come by all the fates

He told Saint Peter what was his name

He entered, saw people walk, once lame

And everyone smiled as he passed them by

He could see beautiful Angels in a perfect sky

Somewhere a beautiful voice sings

Angels greet him with glorious wings

Over each head a halo did shine

People drank water that turned into wine

He was entranced by this wonderous sight

Nothing was dark for everything was bright

He felt tears of joy running down his face

For this was such an incredible place

Then he heard a voice next to him say

"Peace be with you my friend, each and every day"

And God smiled at him and touched his hand

"Always by my side you will forever stand"

And he now knew, from Death you do not fear

For there is a better place waiting here

He knew one day he would be reunited again

For his loved ones, he will wait until then


copyright Chris Smith 2008

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