Monday, 22 November 2010

In Memory Of A Little Child

Oh little child, you will never open your eyes
You will never give voice to your cries
You were meant to be born on this day
It was not meant to be, God decided to take you away

Life had so much it could give to you
So many stages you could have gone through
Life, it decided to set you free
Oh little one, it was not meant to be

Somewhere in a hospital bed
Your mother will never kiss your sweet head
And as the morning dawn now creeps
Somewhere a broken father weeps

You were taken, and the world now seems empty
You are left to lie, in the dark coldness of a mortuary
Oh little child, please now be at peace
For this sadness of your family, it will never cease


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Sometimes a porter (orderly) has to take not just the old to the mortuary, this porter sheds a tear for each new life that has gone that we have to take there as well.

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