Saturday, 27 November 2010


She is only known as Midnight
She visits me only by twilight
I open my eyes and she is there
By my window with her red hair

She comes to my side and undresses
Kisses my eyes with her sweet carresses
And as I feel my desire wanting more
I can feel her hands starting to explore

She slides over me without a sound
Smiles at me for what her hands have found
And then I feel my heart start to race
As she takes me inside her warm embrace

Above me she moves with slow temptation
And she moves now with quick expectation
At last she cries out with a passion of fire
Controlling speed and deep movements of desire

At last she feels me reaching the moment to overload
Reaches down and holds me tight as I start to explode
Arises from the bed and dresses by candle light
I blink once and she has gone, the lady called Midnight

copyright Chris Smith 18th November 2009

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