Monday, 22 November 2010

If Is A Word

If I walked a thousand miles

Would you greet me with smiles

If I braved the desert heat

Would we ever meet

If I looked deep into your eyes

Would I see where your soul lies

If I came and kissed you today

Would you come take my breath away

If I reached up for a glittering star

Would you come to be with me from afar

If I could only give you the silver moon

Would you run to me very soon

If I ever gave you my very fragile heart

Would you promise to not break it apart

If I was to give you my body to treasure

Would you give me yours with untold pleasure

If I was to ever give all this just to you

Would you tell me what you would do

If is a word that is there and only

Would you leave me being lonely


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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