Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lonely Child

Such a young age of fourteen.

She feels left alone in the cold.

Is there anyone she can turn to?

She is young, but she is feeling old.

When living with Daddy, she missed her friends.

She left him to go back to Mum.

To carry on at school, to carry on with life.

But her mother made her live in a slum.

They took her away, she was always fostered out.

Now having to live life and going through care.

Daddy lives too far away, he always has to work.

All she wants is for someone to be there.

They locked her mother away in the asylum.

Because she didn't know the things she would do.

Now she is a lonely child with unseen tears.

Suffering with all that she has gone through.

But little girl, Daddy will soon be on his way.

Comfort you and will be there to take away the fears.

Even though he will have to go, he promises to be there.

So little girl, Daddy will dry away your tears.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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