Saturday, 27 November 2010

Never One Tear

The child was only sixteen months old
She had been here for two weeks
Another hospital patient of the Burns Unit
From a home that treated her only neglect
But this little girl never cried a tear

Cigarettes had been used on her little body
For when she cried, they would stub them out
Leaving horrible welts, all over, terrible burns
Both parents used the excuse of being drug addicts
Now this little girl never cried a tear

The nurses have given her a teddy bear
It would always be there in her crib
And the little girl never spoke one word
But they knew that she loved this cuddly toy
Still this little girl never cried a tear

One night a nurse on duty came to visit
The nurse had seen the teddy bear on the floor
This little girl had been too scared to make one sound
And the nurse saw the tears running down her little face
With that little girl, the nurse also cried those tears

I wonder what did happen to that little girl
Did she still grow up to have a good life
A poor small child, another innocent of abuse
But still there are millions like her, out there
Little children that never cry a tear

Based on a true story/ copyright Chris Smith 2010

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