Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Between A Wall And A Bottle

Come, sit at this table
Share a drink with me
And I will tell you my tale
Of how I came to be here

That's it, fill up your glass
The whiskey burns at first
But you get used to the taste
Funny, it never blocks the pain

I fell in love, with a maiden beauty
We gave in to our own hearts
Never knowing we would fall in love
Never knowing we would lose our souls

She gave me everything, gave me her heart
But, I fear, I left her with pain and torment
Why?, because I could not surrender to her
I was unable to escape from my own wall

Let me explain, please have another glass
We build emotional walls to hide behind
Believing we can knock them down
Alas, the higher the wall, we are trapped

I left her trying to reach me over mine
This damned wall wouldn't let me free
So, I fear, she has left me alone
Trapped between a wall and a bottle

Never let yourself be blocked in, my friend
Or you will suffer forever just like me
Go home, tell her how much you love her
And knock your damned wall down

copyright Chris Smith December 21st 2010

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